rev started as a community of builders and founders back in March 2024. The goal was simply to create a community where technical founders can come together to learn, build, and bounce ideas with each other. Building alone is difficult, and I experienced that in firsthand when I was building Fireplace during my gap year in college.

My goal for rev in 2023 was to grow rev to 100 members and host a hackathon. We didn’t quite host a hackathon but grew membership to over 300 members on Slack, helped 10 teams go from 0 to 1 (including CareWallet, Bibite, Dapper, etc), hosted two events with Cory Levy, hosted rev Hacker House with Startup Exchange, incubated over 50 projects from 0 to 1, and hosted rev launch - highlighting our impact on the Northeastern University entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In 2024, I want to take rev to the next level and grow to 1,000 members. Here is how I plan to do it:

  1. Community: We are a community-first organization, so we will continue to focus on building our in-person community at Northeastern University by hosting weekly co-working sessions, social media highlights of our members, and flagship events such as rev launch and rev hacker house. We will also continue to grow our online community by posting weekly updates/newsletters, hosting office hours, and promoting rev capsule.

  2. Verticals: Since 2024, we’ve pivoted rev to be a community of builders, founders, creatives, and researchers. However, we want to narrow our focus and make sure we provide real value to our members. Instead of being too broad and focusing on members of all levels at once, rev will be the catalyst to help our members go from 0 to 1 in their respective fields in one month.

    • Builders: 0 to 1 user
    • Founders: 0 to 1 dollar
    • Creatives: 0 to 1 follower
    • Researchers: 0 to 1 model
  3. Leadership: We will have a new leadership structure consisting of 2 managing directors, 2 community directors, and several cohort directors.

    • Managing Directors:
      • Operations
      • Logistics
      • Partnerships
      • Strategy
    • Community Directors
      • Events
      • Community Engagement
      • Social Media
    • Cohort Directors:
      • Cohort Program
      • Office Hours
      • Lightining Talks
      • rev capsule
  4. Monetization: We will start monetizing by implementing multiple revenue streams such as selling merchandise, monthly membership fees, office hours, and online courses (rev capsule). However, rev cohort members will get access to everything for free if they are selected into our program.