Today is May 2nd, 2024, and we have eight months left in the year. I think it’s more realistic to split our goals into two parts, each spanning 4 months, or a quarter.

For the first quarter, we’re going to focus on fine-tuning features on the app to make sure they meet all the needs of the clubs we’ve onboarded so far, including the Jiu Jitsu Club, AI Club, rev, IDEA Venture Accelerator, Sherman Center, and Huntington Angels Network. Once we’ve launched v2 of the app, we’re going to focus on user acquisition and onboarding more clubs to the platform before the new semester starts.

For the second quarter, we’re going to focus on growth and expanding to other universities, including Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Babson College, and Tufts, etc. The goal is to completely dominate the Boston college market and become the go-to platform for student organizations to manage their clubs and for students to discover events and meet new people.

These are the two main focuses:

  1. Community Management: Make sure that the process of hosting events and managing members are as seamless as possible. We will also create a web portal that lets community admins view their club analytics and manage their club easily on a web-based dashboard.
  2. User Acquisition: We are going to focus on onboarding more student organizations over the summer and reaching out to first-year students who are eager to meet other students on campus. We want to ensure that Fireplace becomes the go-to platform for these first-year students to stay up to date with what’s happening on campus. Slack and Discord are not optimized for the mobile experience, so we aim to change that. The goal is to help students meet others who share the same niche interests, helping them build a community and network that will last throughout their college years.